Business Dinner: Doing Business in Morocco

Doing Business in Morocco

Thursday March 21st | Doing Business in Morocco will be in Utrecht. Utrecht: Doing Business in Morocco Bridgizz, in cooperation with the new platform and Globalinux, a special reception will take place on Thursday 21st March with the topic “Doing business in Morocco”. In addition to investors and business leaders from our network, investors, entrepreneurs, government […]

Women Entrepreneurship: Empowering Investment

At Globalinux, we firmly believe that women are the driving force behind investments not only in Morocco but also across Africa. The rise of women entrepreneurship has brought a fresh perspective, innovation, and immense potential to the business landscape. Today, we invite investors to embrace the power of women-led businesses in Morocco, as they have […]

Morocco as the Gateway to Africa

In an era of boundless opportunities and untapped potential, Africa has emerged as the beacon of economic growth and development. Among the diverse nations on this promising continent, Morocco shines as a true gem. With its rich culture, strategic location, and dynamic economy, Morocco presents a gateway to Africa that beckons investors from around the […]

The New Hub of Cybersecurity in the South


In an increasingly digital world, cybersecurity has become paramount to ensuring the safety and stability of nations, businesses, and individuals. At Globalinux, we recognize Morocco as the driving force of investments in cybersecurity not only in the country but also across Africa. With its strategic location, commitment to innovation, and growing expertise, Morocco is poised […]